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Reconnect with your creativity and let yourself be creative, because you already are. 


To provide high quality actor training and theatre production services

We believe that everyone is born to be creative, whether you are an actor, writer, dancer, lawyer, doctor, business owner, taxi driver or housewife. It's just that sometimes we forget about it. When fears and insecurities take over, they block creative channels, and the creative energy is stuck with no way out. This “stuckness” then affects all areas of life. Our goal is to remind people that they are already creative and we can show the ways how they can let themselves be creative. 



Staying adventurous, courageous and bold in everything we do. 

We want to help people express themselves freely and authentically in this world through creativity — becoming more confident, versatile, fearless and high on life. Our goal is to give opportunities to other creative professionals to express themselves via acting, directing, writing, devising and more and learn from one another. 

Nowadays, it’s not enough to be just one thing: just an actor/ writer/ director etc. By doing so you are limiting yourself, your working and creative opportunities. Bold Moment provides training, courses, and lessons that make people confident, versatile, multidisciplinary, independent and brave. It creates thought-provoking and bold moments on stage for the audience to experience. It's also the first theatre company in Singapore that uses VR in acting training. 

About Us

A different approach as forward-thinking and multidisciplinary practitioners

Founded by professional actress Kristina Pakhomova and theatre director Khairul Kamsani, Bold Moment is a space for acting, theatre and performance that is authentic, brave and mindful. 


Creating mind-blowing experiences that go beyond theatre and performance such as using virtual reality to conduct our actor training courses.

Workshops For All

As versatile multi-disciplinary practitioners, we provide a myriad of workshops, lessons and courses that are suitable for anyone who wants to rediscover themselves. From actor training to audition preparation, we provide a safe space for artists, or artists-to-be, to think and see beyond their daily selves.


We are also the first theatre company in Singapore that uses VR in actor training.


Bold Theatre Experiences

We aim to produce vivid, immersive and memorable theatre experiences for audiences, performers and students alike, across conventional and experimental mediums. Get in touch with us to get started in making new worlds!

A Versatile Space

Starting with space and time in our studio, we look towards new ways of looking at and experiencing the world around us. Our studio is available for you to book for events, performances, rehearsals, or just to explore your own navigations between space and time. Check out our Venue Hire guide (coming soon) for more information.

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