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AWAY | 2021 | 34mins

A short film directed by Brock R.B, written by Kristina Pakhomova, and produced by Krisp. Production.

Sarah was forced to relocate from her home, Russia, to a bustling metropolis, Hong Kong, following her mom's new marriage. Now, after many years, she comes to terms with how her life has turned out and tries to reconcile with her mom who is suffering from dementia and must make a decision whether to leave her and live her life or stay behind and take care of her.

Key Cast

Irina Anderson as Tania
Ines Laimins as Nina
Ranson Ma as Leung
Kristina Pakhomova as Sarah
Sebastian Mok as Fred
Agata Golbraikh as Young Sarah 
Aloha Velasco as Sally

Written and produced by Kristina Pakhomova 
Directed by Brock R. B
Story Contributors Nasrul Ekram and Khairul Kamsani
Cinematographer Eric Low
Production Designer Bridget Steis
First Assistant Director & Lighting Supervisor Roy Tan 
Associate Producer Brock Braham 
Assistant Producer Pius Kung
Editor & Sound Mixer Kcorb S.
Sound & Assistant Production Designer Jennifer Chen
Production Assistant Troy Lee
Makeup Artist Anthony Sum 
Hair Stylist Andrea Lengyelova

AWAY | Online Screening
AWAY | Online Screening
Online Screening
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