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Learn how to create characters that pop within the first few seconds of an audition tape, and how to change your mindset to eliminate imaginary rules and absolutely outdated auditioning conventions. Break free from the rules and unleash your best self on camera.

For Who:

  • Professional Auditioning Actors

  • Actors with a basic foundation in acting

  • Amateurs seeking a great foundation in auditioning

  • Current Singapore television and film actors who want to level up

  • Theatre actors who are transitioning to television and film

What We Will Be Doing:

  • Changing your Mindset/ Knowing your Role: Know what your job REALLY is

  • Creating Improvisational "Moments" 

  • Breaking down Character Types: Finding the sides of you that are absolutely captivating

  • Divorce yourself from the script: Developing a sense of CREATIVE INDEPENDENCE from the dreaded written word

  • Eliminating the need to please an audience/ to "act" 

  • Stop "emoting" : Stop trying to show how great an actor you are

  • Undestanding the Visual Medium: Fully utilizing the camera to its full potential - not what you CAN’T, what you CAN!

  • "Listening": What it actively means

  • Creating Iconic, Powerful, Original Characters

  • Standing out amongst the “vanilla” competition: Know what the rest are doing - What worked, What didn't, Why

When the opportunity comes, you often only have ONE shot. Make it matter by taking charge of your creativity and own your work. 

Building Irresistible Characters.png

Class Structure:

  • In-person, group classes in Singapore

  • For adults

  • 3h per lesson, 4 lessons in total

  • 18 May (Thu): 6PM - 9PM
    21 May (Sun): 10AM - 1PM
    25 May (Thu): 6PM - 9PM
    28 May (Sun): 10AM - 1PM

The workshop will be confirmed when there is a min. of 5 pax. Kindly book your slot and we will let you know when the workshop is due to commence. 

Rayve Tay

Guest Performance Coach

Ravye Tay is a Los Angeles-based actor and performance coach who worked on a diverse slate of productions worldwide (Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore). He has trained with multiple coaches and institutions including Gregory Berger-Sobeck, Howard Fine, Greg Apps, Upright Citizens Brigade. He is currently working on a production in Singapore. 

Rayve Tay has a hunger for empowering actors, helping them sift through the muddy and confusing waters of college acting academia, creating unforgettable work, and "making the acting disappear".

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