Michael Chekhov Technique

Embrace your senses, follow your imagination, and live fully in 'the extra-daily'!

For Who:

  • Those with some acting experience or have completed the Acting For Beginners course at Bold Moment

  • Are looking for a technique connecting their physical sensations with their imagination.

What We Do:

- Active Breathwork

- Imaginary Body

- 6 Directions

- Psychological Gesture

- Atmosphere

... and other key techniques.

The last session will be dedicated to applying learned techniques with text!


Michael Chekhov Technique

Embody the techniques through applying them in a rehearsal process!

For Who:

  • Those who have completed the Chekhov Technique Fundamentals Course [required] intending to assimilate the techniques into their practice.

What We Do:

Tailored to each intake, a script will be chosen to work through in a professional rehearsal process which focuses specifically in applying Michael Chekhov techniques to develop characterization, physicalization and lines of physical action.

The final session will include a public showcase to display your new newly learned techniques !