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On-Camera Acting Technique


Break out of the boring “talking head” mould and learn how to be a screen actor that liberates, empowers and lasts.

About the Workshop:

Actors on screen come in all shapes, sizes, and ways we remember them (or not). Some characters
we remember for life, and some, we can’t wait to forget about! We always want to pick up the best
things and dump the worst. So it’s important, the next time you look at a screen, to identify the stuff
that works, and remove the stuff that doesn’t.

Let’s spare a crucial thought about the actors whose work we sincerely don't remember. They tend to be a "talking and feeling head" that's dull and by-the-book with a lack of personality. On the contrary, there are those artists who leave indelible, “forever” impressions on our hearts and minds. They often have a sense of fluidity and ease about them and make you feel like you're spying on them like a fly on the wall. 

If you'd rather be the second category of actors, JOIN THIS WORKSHOP! This workshop is about shifting your mentality and, most crucially, unleashing the full force of your absolutely priceless originality and individuality. This is not a sit-down-and-analyze course (we’ve got the coffee house for that). It is a practical, front-of-camera course in which your creativity and imagination will be required in large, liberal doses. The aim is to create an exciting, disciplined, yet irreverent, and fully confident screen actor.


This workshop will guide you to:

  • Change your mentality!

  • Understand what your job really is

  • Bend the imaginary rules

  • Understand the visual medium

  • Decrease your reliance on the text

  • Dump incredibly outdated and paralyzing acting techniques that don’t serve, and block the creativity of a modern multi-medium actor

  • Utilize sources

  • Perform creative tasks

  • Make the “Acting” disappear

  • Creating strong and recognizable characters​

On-Camera Acting Technique with Rayve.png

Learn to work in a scintillating, exploratory way. Break out of the boring “talking head” mould. STAND UP FOR YOUR OWN WORK with a powerful technique that liberates, empowers and lasts.​

Class Structure:

  • 19 & 26 Nov 2023 (Sundays)

  •  11am - 5pm

  • $400, 6 hours per session

  • In-person, group classes

  • For adults

  • Lessons held in English

The workshop will be confirmed when there is a min. of 4 pax. Kindly book your slot and we will let you know when the workshop is due to commence. 

Rayve Tay

Guest Performance Coach

Rayve Tay is a Los Angeles-based actor and coach with credits in LA, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore productions. He had previously taught an on-camera audition technique course at Bold Moment Theatre. Rayve Tay has a hunger for empowering actors, helping them navigate the confusing waters of acting academia, making the “acting” disappear and creating powerful, unforgettable work.

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