SEASON 2022/2023

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Quick & Bold 2023

A series of 10-minute scratch performances

You do not need a big $ to start creating. All you need is a space, an audience, and an amazing IDEA. 

Introducing Quick & Bold, a non-profit scratch night @ Bold Moment Studio. We will be offering free studio space for rehearsals, minimal technical help (lights & sound only), and feedback sessions with Scratch Night Audience to help develop your piece. On top of that, we will be promoting the event on our website and social media platforms.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Original performances (less than 10 minutes; can be works-in-progress)

  • Any genre of performance-based work: short play, monologue, dance/movement, poetry, sketch comedy, song, and more

  • Artists of all backgrounds and disciplines are welcomed

  • Have to cast your own performers (can be yourself)


If you think you're up for it, submit your work now!


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