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Bold Moment Presents Their First Official Show: Sita of Troy

18 February 2022 – Bold Moment today announced their first show: Sita of Troy (4 – 6 March 2022) since opening their doors on 22 January 2022. Sita of Troy is a devised dance theatre work-in-progress performance presented by brand new theatre company, Bold Moment Theatre and Actor Training (Bold Moment), and supported by the National Arts Council (NAC). This work-in-progress performance marks the official opening of Bold Moment and will be held at Aliwal Arts Centre Multi-Purpose Hall.

Supported by the NAC Self-Employed Persons Grant, Sita of Troy is a glimpse into the progress of Bold Moment’s pilot long form workshop: “Professional Practices Processes”. The workshop acts as a devising platform aimed to connect professional practicing Self-Employed Freelancers into developing an aspect or branch of their craft in an experimental and exploratory way. Featuring diverse individuals, the collaborative team for Sita of Troy includes an academic arts researcher, a playwright-actor, a composer and media artist, a designer, as well as acting and performance professionals, among others.

Helmed by Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Bold Moment, Khairul Kamsani, this performance is his first foray into choreographing a dance theatre piece, since usually working in ‘strictly’ theatre forms and styles. To achieve the objectives, the team has gone through playwriting workshops, actor jam workshops, and creative technologist jam workshops, facilitated by Kamsani.

Sita of Troy explores the lines between myth, legend, and fiction that frame the female gaze- unto the female and from their own eyes. Much like the collaboration process, the central theme of Sita of Troy revolves around new beginnings; in the narrative as well as in the production process. Audience can look forward to seeing classic texts through contemporary lens and how the work is being directed when each collaborator has an equal stake to influence the piece and its elements.

“I prompted the title as a disruption of ‘the classics’. Personally I was curious to examine classic texts with the (my) contemporary lens of ethics, morality, honour, feminism, justice and self-preservation which didn’t take long to be entangled with the many versions of how Sita and Helen have been written into history, myth or legend,” says Kamsani. “Through discussions with the team, we endeavored to meet the ancient stories and their problematics with our contemporary sensibilities, and yet discover what struggles have endured through time.”

“Each collaborator had identified a personal goal of growth towards developing a specific aspect or even new branch of their artistic craft and was given space to hold and perhaps even struggle in that journey of discovery. We aim to eventually come back to this piece with our newfound skills and experience to expand on the concepts, themes and narrative that we have found so far. We hope that our engagements with products of their time, in our time, may illuminate ways that you can frame or reframe yourself in the times and spaces that you find yourself in.”

Tickets for Sita of Troy (4 – 6 March 2022) are available now exclusively through their website at S$33.00. Due to COVID-19 regulations, the initial intention of a pre and post show discussion with the audience has been changed to an online feedback form.

Fast Facts


Supported by the National Arts Council

Director & Choreographer Khairul Kamsani

Playwright Celine Sara Thio

Cast Nadia Rahman

Kristina Pakhomova

Cassandra Spykerman

Audio & Video Mervin Wong

Lighting Mariam Ashad

Set & Costume Loo An Ni

Venue Aliwal Arts Centre Multi-Purpose Hall

Show Dates 4 – 6 March 2022, 8pm

Ticket Price S$33.00

Ticketing Site

About Sita of Troy: Professional Practices Process

Sita of Troy: Professional Practices Process was piloted in September 2021-March 2022 to further develop professional practices of the collective through collaboration and exploration. Sita of Troy is the name of the project while Professional Practices Processes is the framework that guides how collaborators will proceed and develop the project.

By the first week of March 2022, the collective aims to present a work-in-progress for audience feedback of the process and as a proposal to potential producers that might want to take the project further. Bold Moment aims to eventually expand the Professional Practices Process as a seasonal workshop as part of their myriad of workshops. More information about their workshops can be found here:

About Bold Moment

With over 10 years of individual professional practice and collaboration between co-artistic directors, Kristina Pakhomova and Khairul Kamsani, Bold Moment is the trajectory where their courage, skills, resilience, and experience move towards the horizons of acting and performance. With the strong belief that everyone is born to be creative, Bold Moment aims to bring out the creative potential in people through quality workshops and help them express themselves freely via acting, directing, writing, devising and more. Founded by versatile multi-disciplinary practitioners, Bold Moment provides a myriad of workshops suitable for anyone who wants to rediscover themselves. It is also the first theatre company in Singapore that incorporates Virtual Reality in actor training workshops.


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