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Private Acting Classes

Individualized attention to enhance your communication skills in a secure and private environment

For Who:

  • If you're shy or reserved person and don’t feel comfortable to do group classes our private sessions offer individualized attention to enhance your workplace communication skills in a secure and private environment.

    — Overcome shyness and anxiety, excel in presentations, and leave a lasting impression at your job.

    — Work on your self-awareness.


  • Or if you are an actor

    — Learn a specific technique ( Meisner , Chekhov or Viewpoints)

    — Prepare for a role or an audition

    Whether you aim to shine in your workplace or simply wish to express yourself more confidently, we've got your back!


Class Structure

  • Pricing
    Private classes are priced at 170 SGD per hour


  • Minimum Booking
    I require a minimum of 5 sessions to see significant progress


  • Discount
    If you book 10 sessions, we offer a 5% discount


  • Validity
    You can use these classes within 4 months.

  • In-person, group classes in Singapore

  • For adults

  • 2hrs/lesson, 4 lessons over 4 weeks

  • Lessons held in English

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