Viewpoints - Fundamentals

A course on the 9 Viewpoints by Ann Bogart and Tina Landau

  • 3 hours
  • Bold Moment Studio

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For who: Actors with some experience or beginners who have completed Acting 1 - 4 Are you Viewpointing yet? Developed by Ann Bogart and Tina Landau, and practiced at SITI Company with Suzuki Tadashi in New York, Viewpoints is now taught all over the world as a way to approach contemporary theatre making and actor training. The Nine Viewpoints categorized into Time Viewpoints and Space Viewpoints give us a tacit vocabulary to our engagements to the world around us, by focusing on these engagements, we can cultivate a nuanced and enlightened experience with our worlds, either real or fictional. By always questioning information and dismantling subtle hierarchies we might not realise exist, we can be freed to explore the possibilities that have been locked away by our paradigms. Since we Viewpoint daily before calling it as such, this session will jump into the practice of Viewpoints training through curated exercises before we begin identifying theory and methodology of the training as we experience it. Some prior acting training experience is recommended. Comfortable attire for non-restrictive movement required. This course is taught and facilitated by Khairul Kamsani. HOW TO BOOK? 1. Choose your preferred date to kickstart your 4-week course! 2. Upon purchase of our bundle, our team will contact you to confirm the start date of your course. 3. It is recommended that you attend the workshop on the same day for each consecutive week. Do speak to our team if you need to switch to another date for your upcoming workshops. *Do not book sessions within the same week as the material will only change on a weekly basis.*

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