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Unlock the power of stage movement and elevate your acting skills in an immersive Viewpoints workshop.

About the Workshop:

Actors often find themselves at the mercy of directors when it comes to staging decisions. You focus on perfecting your voice, gestures, and emotions, while the placement and movement of characters on stage remain beyond your control. However, the truth is that actors play a crucial role in shaping the life of a scene through staging choices. It's time to realize that you have the power to make decisions that support your acting and enhance the overall performance.

In this transformative workshop, you will be introduced to the tool of The Viewpoints, enabling you to embody the space and time of the performance event like never before. By embracing The Viewpoints, you will become adept at inventing stage movement for yourself. Through deep exploration, you will develop a heightened awareness of the entire stage picture. With The Viewpoints, you can actively create movement that fulfils all these purposes and adds depth to your performance.

A Viewpoint-trained actor possesses the ability to sense how the movements of others on stage impact the overall space. This heightened sensitivity allows you to adjust your position on stage, rebalancing the composition and creating harmony. This serves multiple purposes: it directs the audience's attention, creates visual clarity, and expresses the evolving relationships between characters. Similar to a jazz musician who takes responsibility for the composition of a piece of music, you will react to each new rhythm and change of energy on stage, discovering how your character's movements can complement those of your fellow performers.

In this workshop, we invite you to take ownership of the stage composition and embrace the collaborative art of performance. Through hands-on exercises, group dynamics, and individual exploration, you will tap into your creative instincts and develop a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between acting and staging.

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Class Structure:

  • Taught and facilitated by Adam Marple.

  • 16 September 2023

  • 11am - 5pm 

  • $350

  • In-person, group classes

  • For adults

  • Lessons held in English

The workshop will be confirmed when there is a min. of 5 pax. Kindly book your slot and we will let you know when the workshop is due to commence. 

Adam Marple

Guest Performance Coach

Adam Marple (Cairo, Egypt) is the Co-Artistic Director of The Theatre of Others and the co-host of The Theatre of Others Podcast (with listeners in over 80 countries and in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide). He has directed over 50 productions and Regionally and Off-Broadway in the Americas, Europe, The Middle East/North Africa (MENA), Australia, and South East Asia including his latest production The Earth Turns selected by The Global Stocktake as an official side event performed in the UN-controlled Blue Zone for delegates of the COP27 Climate Conference held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. He is the Founder of The Sustainable Theatre Network, accessible as an Open Source/Creative Commons website ( dedicated to sharing best practices in sustainable theatre-making. Adam has been practicing and teaching The Viewpoints for over twenty years having worked with its founders Mary Overlie, Anne Bogart, and Tina Landau. His research centers on the expansion and testing of The Viewpoints as an Interdisciplinary and Transcultural pedagogy. Published: The Viewpoints as Transcultural Pedagogy in Western Theatre in Global Contexts: Directing and Teaching Culturally Inclusive Drama around the World (Routledge) and Applying the Viewpoints to Multimedia Performance (Global Performance Studies).

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